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After evaluated Papyrus and its SEO it is evident that they are doing a good job at making sure that they are found on the Internet. According to the SEO Optimizer it is evident that they have a good Page Title and Meta Description to optimize the availability of their website. Although says that their Meta Tag Check is a ten out of ten, the SEO Optimizer found that although they have an abundance of site keywords, they are not as relevant without optimization. Even though you can find Papyrus’s website it is important to make sure that when Googling keywords, that they are relevant to your business and optimized to make sure you can get as much Search Engine Optimization as possible.

When it comes to the body content of the website it is evident that they are using a lot of internal links and have a good text to HTML ratio throughout the site. One thing that they need to improve on are their images which is surprising because throughout my research I thought that their use of images was strong enough to optimize their advertising but its seems with SEO that they are lacking the ALT attribute which optimizes them through search engines.  They also need a site map.xml file for the website which would help with the overall SEO of the website and brand. The only other improvement that SEO Optimizer had was to create H1 and H2 headers in order to have optimal HTML.

According to the SiteReportCard for Papyrus their only lacking ratings include the HTML check, the Load Time check, and the Keyword check. This is evident because of they are not using the most optimal keywords and lack in HTML aspects include the ALT attribute as well as the site map.xml file. This also coincides with the Load time of the overall site as well.

After going through their best keywords, Google Trends shows that they are up in the ranks but not at the top of the charts like their competitors Hallmark and PaperSource. This is evident from their ratings as well. After seeing other rating from the SEO Optimizer and SiteReport I now understand that even though you have keywords it is important to make sure that they are optimized throughout your website otherwise your overall web presence will not be as effective.


After doing some research on Reputation Management it became evident that there are many options out there for when you want to protect yourself and your brand on the world wide web.  I would say that two of your best options are and These two companies are highly rated and given the best reviews. has overall 1 million members, was rated the #1 online reputation management company by, and was winner of the 2013 Red Herring Award. This shows that the company is well-known and goes to show that its million customers are very satisfied. Having a good reputation online reveals a company’s strengths rather than its weaknesses. If your online reputation is not as good as it could be it can be a huge downfall and cause you to lose brand loyalty. What does for you is create different ways of monitoring what your identity is like online. They use tactics including Search Engine Tracking, Attack Watch, a Task Management System, Review Moderation, Brand Monitoring, Social Media Tools, and so much more. They refer to the application section of the website as the Command Center which shows how professional the company is. They provide you with a free consultation but it is very hard to find out how much their services are. It seems like they want you to call them first and then sign up online and eventually put in a credit card. This is the only thing that worries me. When a company is secretive about their prices it may be a red flag that they will bill you large amounts of money. I found some mixed reviews about this.As for managing your information, it seems like they have a team look forth into your marketing profiles. They claim to have the best experience in SEO, social media, and direct response marketing and use their well trained teams to fix your online reputation.

As for they have different categories for individuals, agencies, and businesses. As for reviews and ratings they are Better Business Bureau Accredited and were given an A+ rating for their phenomenal customer service. Price depends on the work needed to be done to solve your reputation problems. The individualize a plan to your needs and then work to create content, web properties, and then they work to refresh your search engine optimization and social media indicators. I personally feel that the website is a lot more reputable even though they are not award winning.

Compared to the cookie cutter aspects of, I feel that is a more personalized experience. This will attract individuals in a better aspect as they are more relatable. Although both companies have great ratings, it is evident that both are attracting different clientele in a prestige vs average consumer kind of way.

In conclusion your reputation online can make or break your personal identity, your brand, and the amount of success your business holds. Whether you are a corporation looks for SEO management or an average middle class adult looking to change their identity for the better, we should all be aware of the importance of online reputations through search engines and social media

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